Thermal Paper Roll 80mm x 80mm: GSM/ Length/ Weight

Thermal Paper Roll 80mm x 80mm: GSM/ Length/ Weight

80mm x 80mm Thermal paper roll is very widely used in supermarkets, shopping malls, gas stations, banks and many other industries. You may be curious about the 80mm x 80mm thermal paper GSM, length and weight, or you may wonder what these terms mean. In this article, we will explain it for you.
Thermal roll 80mm x 80mm length

1. GSM

GSM (Gram per Square Meter), is one of most important parameters in the paper industry. It basically indicates how many grams a square meter of paper weighs. You can calculate it simply by taking a square meter of paper and weighing it.

The standard gsm of thermal paper is 55gsm, 58gsm, 60gsm, 65gsm, etc.

Another parameter you cannot ignore is the thickness of paper sheet. This measurement is given in microns where 1 micron = 1/1000 of a millimetre. This can be confusing as different sheets may weigh the same in GSM but have different thicknesses in microns. For example a piece of 58gsm thermal paper and a piece of 60gsm may be the same thickness. You cannot think a higher GSM indicates a thicker paper, a lower GSM indicates a thinner paper. This is due to a number of factors during the manufacture of the paper, these can include the type of coating on the paper, the amount of virgin fibers used or bulkiness of the raw material.

Common paper weights and their approximate thicknesses are:

  • 48gsm = 50-55mics
  • 55gsm = 58-62mics
  • 58gsm = 65-75mics
  • 60gsm = 70-80mics

As it is more common for thermal paper to be sold in GSM, it is easier to use this measure for paper grades, However, if in doubt about a paper’s grade, you might wish to collect samples first to check the quality.

2. Length

A thermal roll is actually a cylinder. The unrolled cylinder perimeter is actually the paper roll length. You can get the paper length in several ways:

  • Ask your suppliers. Your suppliers should have this information.
  • Measure it by yourself. You can unroll the paper rolls by yourself and measure it with a ruler (yes, that could be a little difficult!).
  • Calculate it by yourself. It requires some math to calculate the paper length. Check out this link about how to calculate paper roll length or use the tool below:

Download the paper roll length calculating tool

get it now
get it now

For 80mm x 80mm paper rolls, the length will vary from 58m to 83m (depending on the paper’s gsm).

3. Weight

We can see that a paper roll includes two parts: the paper and the core. The core weight can be ignored since it is very light and not significant. We can calculate the weight of a paper roll by the formula:

For 80mm x 80mm 58gsm thermal paper, the width is 0.08m, the length is 63m, and the gsm is 0.058kg/m². So we get a weight of about 0.29kg.


Below is the summary 80mm x 80mm paper roll gsm, length & weight.

Thermal paper 80mm x 80mm

If you still want to know more information about thermal paper roll, do not hesitate to contact us, our team would be glad to help you.

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